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Crime scene cleanup is a very important yet sensitive job. It is most often needed during times of trauma and distress. There is also a lot of danger and risk that comes with handling biological materials. It's very important that you have someone qualified to do the job correctly. Many people don't realize there is even a need for this type of service unless something happens in their home or with their family.

Anytime there is a violent crime or suicide that produces biological waste such as blood and other bodily fluids there is a need for crime scene cleanup. The police department does not offer this service after a crime beyond taking what they need for evidence. The rest is left for the home or business owner to handle. This can be a very difficult time for those who have lost a loved one due to a violent crime or suicide and cleaning up afterwards should not be left to them.

Instead, we offer the crime scene clean up service that is done in a timely manner, in most cases just hours after the initial phone call. Our crime scene cleanup teams always work in compliance with all federal, state and local laws to ensure that the home is free from all biological waste. Our management team always follows up with the client to make sure that they are satisfied with completed clean up.

The Best for 16 Years Running

Aftermath Inc. is here to help you in your time of need. When you need crime scene cleanup, our employees are trained to handle both the cleaning process and the sensitive nature of the situation. While this is not something the average person thinks about on a regular basis, there are actually several different cases where you might need this type of cleanup service. Let's take a look at some of the cases where Aftermath can help with the crime scene cleanup.

Here are some examples of the types of clean up services offered by Aftermath:

Crime Scene Clean Up Services

We take the crime scene clean up very seriously and compassionately and offer these services for any type of crime scene. Our company is considered a first responder and we work directly with local police and other agencies to make sure that the home or office is in pristine condition when we leave the site.

This clean up includes removing any fingerprint dust that may have been used along with the blood and other fluids that are associated with violent crimes and suicides. We also make sure that there are no residual chemicals left over after sanitizing the area. These chemicals may be harmful to you or your pets so this extra cleaning is necessary.

Tear Gas Clean Up

Tear gas and pepper spray is sometimes used by police departments to safely alleviate a tense situation. These gases may not be fatal but nobody can enter a home or business where they have been deployed because the chemicals do not simply dissipate. If these are left unchecked and cleaned with normal household products, they can cause rashes and even issues with the respiratory system. In some cases, law enforcement will not allow entry into the crime scene until these chemicals have been cleaned by a professional crime scene clean up company.

We have the knowledge and understanding of the compounds that are used to create both pepper sprays and tear gas. Making sure a building is safe for reentry is our top priority and we go to great lengths to make sure that there are no lingering effects from these gases. In some cases, we remove the irritants from every single room in the home to be sure that it has all been removed.

Blood Clean Up

Not all blood that is spilled is due to violent crime. In some cases it can be from a suicide, from accidents or natural disasters. In any event, the mess still has to be cleaned up before the building is considered safe for people and pets.

Because of the dangerous nature of cleaning blood, those who are hired by our company have had the proper training and hold Blood Borne Pathogens certification. They understand the need for careful clean up of blood and wear the latest in protective gear to ensure that they do not contaminate themselves or spread contamination beyond the site of the blood. All traces of blood and/or bodily fluids are removed from the scene in a safe manner. This may include removing and replacing the carpeting and flooring where blood has soaked through and cannot be removed by crime scene clean up.

Unattended Death Clean up

In some cases, a person may already have an illness or medical condition that causes death while in the home. There may not even be an existing condition but a heart attack or other instantaneous death situation that was unattended by a physician or home caregiver. We can help in these situations as well.

We understand that this can be a very difficult time for the family and we take great pains to make sure that our workers are sympathetic and discreet in these situations. Our typical response time for unattended death clean ups is normally between one and three hours, depending on the location. Because of the shock of the family we want to make sure that all areas are clean as soon as possible so the family in mourning is not left out of the home for a long period of time.

Vehicle Blood Clean Up

Not all violent crimes or accidental deaths occur in a home or building. Some happen in a vehicle and while there is nothing else wrong with it, it is not safe to drive because of the mess. The close confines of a vehicle along with the lack of climate control such as air conditioning that you would find in a home create a need for quick clean up.

Our team is qualified in this type of crime scene cleanup process and we understand your need to have your vehicle available to you as soon as possible. We will do our best to help you with vehicle blood clean up and accident clean up as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Communicable Disease Clean Up

In some cases a person may not have passed away but had an infectious or communicable disease such as AIDS, HIV, any form of Hepatitis, Herpes, Measles, Chicken Pox, Lyme Disease or a variety of other contagious illnesses. In these instances, the patient is at home getting the care that does not require hospitalization. In order to keep from spreading these communicable diseases, you need to have the room and possible the entire home that the patient was in completely sanitized.

This type of clean up is not only necessary for a home but other industries also need to have this type of sanitization. Places such as businesses, jail cells and other places where people with contagious diseases may be present need to be made safe for others. Our crime scene cleanup company knows how to ensure the safety of others and to avoid the spread of these viruses and diseases. Our response times are fast and the job we do is thorough and follows all federal, state and local mandates.

We hope you never need us but when you do, we're here for you.

Compassionate Service When You Need It

All of our employees understand the stress that can come with the loss of a loved one or friend and offer a fast and sympathetic service. Our response time is quick, typically within one to three hours, so the area can be made habitable again in a short amount of time. Once the cleanup is completed, we also make sure that the chemicals we use have also been removed making the area completely sanitized and safe for both humans and pets.

Benefits to Aftermath:

If you have questions about the process or concerns about how we can help you, please feel free to contact us at any time. Our trained and caring staff will help you understand the process and show you the ways that we can help you in your difficult time. See our testimonials for honest feedback on how we have helped others. Or learn more about our crime scene clean up company here.

Crime scene clean up by Aftermath, you can trust Aftermath Inc. in your time of need. We understand the struggle family, friends, and property owners go through after a tragic event. Technicians at Aftermath are trained, certified, and insured in the proper methods of crime scene clean up;services also include accident, injury, hazardous materials, unattended death, hoarding, disease, and more. Previous clients constantly attest to our compassion during a time of difficulty. We aim to help people and ensure the safety of the contaminated site, we work discreetly and we only perform BioHazard work. This is our only service line. When you search for a company to help after a traumatic experience, we are the national leader and the choice of 1st response professionals.

Aftermath complies with all federal, state, and local laws when dealing with hazardous materials and biological matter. Contaminated sites are thoroughly cleaned to make sure adverse conditions are not experienced by anyone. We set a high standard in our profession, and you should measure any service provider prior to making a decision. Aftermath engages a Center of Excellence team that monitors quality control on every job, regardless of size. Aftermath also documents the entire scope of work, correlating rules and regulations via a Site Compliancy Remediation Report on every job. Aftermath often trains federal, state and local agencies in best practices and personal protection when encountering a contaminated area. We are trusted by the police, fire departments, and other emergency agencies to efficiently clean and remove dangerous elements from any premises.

Every technician is trained with our core beliefs: compassion, integrity, care, and meticulousness. We strive to be more than just a crime scene clean up service: we care about the victims, families, friends, and property owners involved in these stressful situations. Aftermath employees are trained to use the best sense of care and we have a back office staff of nearly 50 professionals that can answer any questions you may have in your time of need and throughout the entire process.

Aftermath has a 16 year reputation of providing the best services and exceeding expectations. Don't ask us, refer to your local 1st response team, funeral home or law enforcement officer. Many competitors would cut corners to save on cost, but this puts people at risk of exposure to danger. We offer complete service so you are safe in all regards.

Why is Aftermath, Inc. the #1 crime scene cleaning company?

Operations and handlers are the heart of Aftermath Inc. It's where we keep a consistent procedural flow when assisting families that require crime scene cleanup:


✔ Rapid response: Our cleanup teams are dispatched 24 hours a day.
✔ Comforting the family: Knowledge that a restoration team is on the way.
✔ Dependable transportation: We only use late model, well maintained vehicles.

-Customer Relations

✔ Frequent communication: We keep the client apprised of the trauma or crime scene cleanup.
✔ Compassion: We understand we are assisting families during traumatic situations and treat all our clients with patience and respect.


✔ Management closely monitors all biological remediation jobs.
✔ 2 hour check ins to leverage our Center of Excellence experiences, best practices and advisement on cost effective strategies that deliver the best possible outcomes.
✔ Makes sure crews are following strict policy and procedures in addition to following all OSHA safety guidelines.


✔ Continued education by our certified technicians.
✔ We educate customers on the importance of proper biohazard remediation procedures.
✔ A significant amount of time is spent educating insurance companies about industry best practices.
✔ We also educate Funeral Homes, Police Departments, Coroners, etc., to make sure they follow the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines when entering a crime or trauma scene.

Aftermath, Inc. Quality Control

Aftermath is committed to ensuring that every employee is thoroughly screened, trained, and is prepared to begin their new career in crime scene clean up on day one.

  What do we do to BEFORE we extend an offer of employment?

Every potential new hire goes through a rigorous pre-employment process, that includes:

✔ A background check
✔ Drug screen
✔ DOT physical
✔ Respiratory/pulmonary function test
✔ Hepatitis B vaccination series

   What do we do AFTER extending an offer of employment?

Every new hire has to complete and pass 21 training modules before they can begin their first day. This training includes:

✔ OSHA Training
✔ Human Resources Training (Policies & Procedures, Sexual Harrassment, Anti-Discrimination, Employee Handbook)
✔ Safety Training (fire prevention, emergency evacuation, ergonomics)
✔ Operations Process Management
✔ Hazard Assessment
✔ Legal Training

  In addition to new hire trainings, we conduct regularly scheduled refresher class trainings and on-going training as required by OSHA.

   Why do we believe in having an extensive pre and post on-boarding procedure in place?

Because we insist on having employees who:

✔ Provide excellent customer service
✔ Understand our service module
✔ Uphold our strict safety guidelines to protect both the customer and the employee
✔ Convey the "Aftermath Way"
✔ Compassionate about helping individuals and families during a difficult, emotional time.

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